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Really need your help...

Written by Omegadrive   
Monday, February 21, 2011
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Unfortunately the situation I was, kept getting worse...


Was not able to find a decent job since my last post, so instead of wasting time I decided to start my own company, a computer repair shop.

For the past 4 months have been spending all the money I had left (along with help from my father and brothers) in renting a place, remodeling and getting it ready to start business by the middle of March/start of April if all goes as planned and as soon as it goes up and running I will post the links here.


The only problem lies in the economic side since I spent all I had left on building materials, work force, utilities and permissions, now I don't even have enough left to pay my personal debts since I thought "that can wait", well, that was last month, this week I'm in the last days before getting disconnected from the internet, electricity and cell phone (my only phone) and on top of that I'm running out of food supplies.

I hate doing this but this is a desperation cry, now I ask for some help from the community, I know there are people that visit my site that spends $5k on a night maybe at a casino or at a dinner, God bless them since they are fortunate, but if they can find in their heart to help an unfortunate human being, I know God will bless them in magnitudes.

Thanks and God bless...

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