ATI Omega Drivers

ATI Omega Drivers General Info:

The Omega Drivers are compatible with all ATI Radeon cards:
(PCI, PCI-E, AGP, Mobility, On-Board, Retail, OEM or 3rd Party)

Radeon Mobility (M6 and up)
Radeon All In Wonder
Radeon 7k Series
Radeon 8k Series
Radeon 9k Series
Radeon x1k Series
Radeon HD2k Series
Radeon HD3k Series


Starting from Catalyst 6.6 and up, the following cards/chipsets (including Mobility) are no longer supported by the ATI or Omega Drivers:

Radeon 7k Series
Radeon 8k Series
Radeon 9k-9250 Series

For these cards please use the Omega Drivers v3.8.252 or older (available on the Archive section), thank you.

Please select your Operating System:


Windows 7/Vista 32-Bit (0)

Windows 7/Vista 64-Bit (0)

Windows XP/2k (1)

Windows 98/Me (1)